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The FCC is no longer issuing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class licenses. See below for the current FCC license options.

General Radio Operator’s License
Written Elements 1 & 3

Marine Radio Operator’s License
Written Element 1

GMDSS Radio Operator’s License
Written Elements 1 & 7

GMDSS Radio Maintainer’s License
Written Elements 1, 3, & 9

Ship Radar Endorsement
Written Element 8

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The International Society of Electronics Technicians (ISCET) has been selected by the FCC to administer the exams mentioned above. There are two ways you can take your FCC exam with ISCET:

  1. Register for our Online Testing System. These exams are given in the presence of an ISCET Certification Administrator (CA). You can select one of the over 500 CAs located in the United States and other countries. To register using the Internet, visit the ISCET home page at and look for the green button that says "Register for an Exam" ... then follow the instructions. Exams can be arranged within one or two days from your registration if necessary, and the CA is available. Be sure to take copies of any FCC certificates you have previously earned to your exam session. These copies will be forwarded to the ISCET main office after you take the test. You will know if you pass immediately upon taking the exam. Proof of Passing Certificates (PPC) forms will be issued to passing examinees from the ISCET main office within two weeks after taking the test. Mail your PPC and a completed copy of your application (FCC Form 605) to the FCC at:

    Federal Communications Commission
    1270 Fairfield Road
    Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245

    At the ISCET home page, click on "My Account" and register without having to sign up for an exam. You can then access your account at any time in the future to see what exams you have taken, along with pass or fail information. One advantage to registration in advance is that you will then be known to ISCET as a registrant and will receive information from time to time concerning activities.
  2. Procedure for ISCET FCC Exams (Paper Test). If you desire, click here to visit our home page, and click on "Certification" in the solid green navigation area, then click on "CA Locator." You will then see those CAs in your general ZIP code area who give the test on paper in the presence of a CA.

    Contact one of the test administrators on your list. Arrange to pick up an application or request that it be mailed to you. You will need a separate application for each element that you will be completing.
    • Select the correct fee from the fee schedule below. Fee will vary from $35 to $70, according to number of examination elements scheduled for a single sitting.
    • Return the completed application with the appropriate fee to the test administrator, and schedule an appointment for your examination. You will need to allow at least 21 days for the administrator to receive your examination forms.
    • Two or three days before the exam, it will be helpful if you contact the examiner to be sure your papers and/or tapes have arrived.
    • Make a copy of your photo ID and any previously issued FCC Certificate. For proper verification, bring your actual photo ID and the original FCC certificate to the examination session. The copies will be attached to your exam answer sheet.
    • At the time of the examination session you will be given a packet containing your requested exams and two of the copies of each of your applications. Check to be sure these are the correct exams for your license.
    • At the completion of your exams, keep the green copy of your application.
    • Expect to receive your Proof of Passing Certificate (PPC) in about 10 days after the examination answer sheet is returned to ISCET.
    • To secure your license, mail your PPC and a completed copy of the application (FCC Form 605) to the FCC. Mail to:

Federal Communications Commission
1270 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245

Let ISCET file for your license with the FCC electronically. There is no additional charge.

If you desire ISCET to file your 605 application for the license electronically, simply fill out the 605 and its required schedules and have the ISCET CA or Proctor that administered your examination(s) include it with his transmittal of documents to ISCET.

Minimum fee per examination session, any 1 element -- $50
Maximum fee per examination session, any 2 elements at one sitting -- $70 ($35/each)
Maximum fee per examination session, any 3 elements at one sitting -- $90 ($30/each)
Each additional element in excess of 3 at the same sitting -- $20

Element 1, 24 Questions
Element 3, 76 Questions
Element 5, 50 Questions
Element 6, 100 Questions
Element 7, 76 Questions
Element 8, 50 Questions
Element 9, 50 Questions

To get discount pricing on your purchase, become a member of ISCET. As a member, you are entitled to the discount that is offered for your level of participation in ISCET. It is not a requirement to have earned an ISCET certification to be a member in ISCET. Only those members having earned an ISCET certification are allowed to cast votes, but non-voting members do receive a discount on most ISCET store purchases of training and learning information. Click here for more information on becoming a member of ISCET.

Technology is changing rapidly but a very important part is still played by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) examinations. In many places they serves as the "Gate Keepers" so that errors are not committed by users and servicer alike when using or servicing radio signal transmitters. There are measures in place to protect the general public from abuses as well as to assure that the service utilized is available when needed in emergencies. Many positions of employment require that the jobholder be certified as competent by earning one of the FCC examinations, Elements 1 through 9.

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